Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where I stand

Lifetime Earning: 7,634

July Earnings: 6,036 (from july1st-28th)

Current Balance: 1553

What I have claimed

*$25 dollars in amazon gift card *$10 dollars in Walmart online gift card

Other Swagbucks used:

Different Swagstakes and Water donation drive charity.

Depending on the time you put in is what you get out. On most days I can reach the daily swagbuck goal set by swagbucks in less then 2 hours. I have had a couple days that required more of my attention but nothing that takes up my whole day.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Swag Code Hunt Fun

I just found my first ever swagcode! I had a lot fun in the search for this very hidden code that gave me 6 swagbucks. Although 6 swagbucks does not seem like a lot, the fun is in the search.

Today's swagcode was to find where TSG (swagbucks mascots) took a trip. To find this answeryou have to look for clues on their facebook, twitter, and official blog. When time is right they let you know how to use the information gathered to find the swagcode to grab it and claim it.

Since this was my first search and find for swagcodes I can not guarentee they all be like the example given.

If you are like me and like using clues to find things (checkout Geocaching) you would have enjoyed this hunt.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Free Swagbucks Add Up

If you log on daily and do these 4 things you will see your swagbucks build faster.

1.) Daily poll = 1 swagbuck = 30 to 31 swagbucks monthly

2.) NOSO = 2 swagbucks = 60 t0 62 swagbucks monthly

3.) Toolbar Login = 1 swagbuck = 30 to 31 swagbucks monthly

The 4th thing is Trusted Surveys. If you qualify and finish a survey great you just made quite a few swagbucks. If you do not qualify or get to finish a survey you can earn 1 swagbuck up to 5 surveys, giving you 5 swagbucks a day.

4.) Trusted Surveys (not qualified)= 5 swagbucks max daily = 150 to 155 swagbucks monthly.

Total Monthly Swagbucks: 270 to 279

Total Yearly Swagbucks: 3240 to 3348

As you can see just doing those 4 simple task add up and it cost you nothing. Add some swagbucks TV in there and some of the free special offers when you can catch them and your well on your way to having some serious swagbucks for Christmas or whatever else you chose to use them for.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Why not use what you have to earn the bucks faster? I did a quick search in the amazon app store using swagbuck and to my surprise there was an app. So I installed on my kindle fire and started playing the muscic videos while I organize my bedroom. This app autumatically plays the next video in line. Best of two worlds, great music while earning swagbucks.95% of my earnings for today were completed while multitasking.

While I use my kindle fire, it is highly possible that there is an app for your device of choice.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Since I first started Swagbucks my life time earning is 5,284 swagbucks as of July 7, 2012 @ 6pm. My current balance is 2,025 after using some of the bucks in swagstakes, charities and three $5 amazon gift cards. Remember the $5 amazon gift cards were free because all my points are earned on free things to do on swagbucks (not all things are free). It is my estimation that I will have almost 20,000 swagbucks by November of this year to claim approximately $200 in Amazon gift cards that can be applied to Christmas shopping online with Amazon. All I have to do is continue to meet the daily goal set by Swagbucks and I have $200 dollar more for Christmas. Of course if I chose, I do not have to limit my self to the Amazon gift cards, but since I did most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon last year, it is definitely the best choice for affording Christmas this year.

Last Year Gift Card Request and Used

$5 Gift Card 2407628 11/25/10 04:00 PM

$5 Gift Card 2347152 11/15/10 09:10 PM

$5 Gift Card 2347144 11/15/10 09:10 PM

Is it to early to think about Christmas?

My husband and I live on strict budget with one income. Each year around this time with no extra money for anything, I start trying to come up with ways to make it happen for my 4 children. Let me just say I have my job cut out for me, no easy task indeed. This year I will be trying something new. Swagbucks! I have known about and used swagbucks for some time now but I never used it as a serious choice. Well here goes nothing; I am giving it a serious try. Join me and see how you can add up your swagbucks for a better less stressful Christmas.

Come back and keep track of my progress.

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